Smartphone screen force to read ads

Smartphone screen force to read ads

September 25, 2019 Marketing Tips 0
Smartphone screen force to read ads

Smartphone screen force to read ads

With the rapid development of communication technology, the media has become more and more popular. The debate about the media has never stopped. Of course, in this era of information explosion, everyone can become a self-media, which is determined by the characteristics of the times. But when fragmented information becomes a hot phenomenon in the process of processing and processing, the uncertainty will increase a lot.

For merchants, the Smartphone screen force to read ads have the following irreplaceable advantages of information dissemination:

(1) Quick response

The spread of mobile phone screen advertising is not limited by time and geographical scope. All Malaysian mobile phone users can receive advertising information immediately after sending. Advertising content can be changed at any time to ensure that the latest information is transmitted to consumers in the shortest possible time.

(2) Focus, high return

Mobile phone screen advertising directly affects the most consuming family. The same product can easily deliver different advertising information according to different receiving objects, in order to maximize the customer’s desire to purchase.

(3) Less investment

Mobile phone screen advertising breaks the rules of traditional advertising media pricing, advertisers set their own spending budget, and the targeted order is sent to the target customers. The cost of launching mobile phone screen ads is very civilian. Compared with the traditional media’s thousands to tens of thousands of advertising costs, the cost of mobile phone screen advertising is almost negligible. Submitting a mobile phone screen advertisement through the SMS platform is cheaper than sending a short message directly to the mobile phone, which greatly reduces the advertising cost of the advertiser. This point is destined for SMS marketing is particularly suitable for a store, is the right arm of its store activities.

(4) Accuracy

The biggest feature of mobile phone screen advertising is direct to the recipient’s mobile phone, “one-on-one” to pass information, mandatory reading, timeliness, 100% reading rate! In the limited time that the intermediary is in contact with people, the frequency of contact between people and advertisements can be increased.

(5) Invasiveness

The mobile phone screen advertisement has a strong spread ability, fast speed, and instant delivery in one minute, and a million people spread in an instant! The recipient can save the information with him or her, consult the advertiser at any time, read it repeatedly when needed, and send it to interested friends whenever possible.

(6) Flexibility

The launch time of the mobile phone screen is very flexible, and the advertiser can flexibly select the advertisement delivery time according to the product characteristics, and even publish it in a specific time period.

(7) Interactivity

The mobile phone screen advertisement allows the owner to interact with the sales terminal and interact with the mass media. Through these, the SMS user is involved in the commercial interaction, and the mobile phone screen advertisement greatly increases the opportunities for people to participate in the interaction.

(8) The mobile phone screen advertisement has a strong sensation

It has the instantaneous sensation that no other advertising medium can match!

(9) More innovative way

Mobile phone screen advertising is a new creative form of direct investment advertising based on modern mobile communication. Relative to telephone marketing is a non-voice communication method with fashionable content.

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