Boost Your Sales With Facebook Scrapers

Boost Your Sales With Facebook Scrapers

September 25, 2019 Marketing Tips 0
Facebook Scrapers

Boost Your Sales With
facebook scrapers

  1. Facebook Marketing Artifact – Facebook Scrapers: Get Your Audience’s Email and Phone Number !

Q1: Does the software will cause facebook account blocked?

A: The software is connected to the token login, which is highly secure. However, we suggest you can use the fake Facebook account to run the system. We don’t know when FB control system will be changed.

Q2: Which pages/groups can the software search?

A: Any page, open/closed/private group can search. The closed/privacy team needs to join first before you run the system.

Q3: Can the software be installed on other computers?

A: Yes, the software is bound to the security code, and a new system for the new computer should be purchased separately. The advantage of this method is each software for one IP, which can run several times at the same time.

Q4: Can the software implement multithreading?

A: Yes. The software search function can be executed in parallel at the same time. The performance problem depends on your hardware level and network stability.

Q5: Can the software search for bulk lists?

A: Depending on the number of page post interactions, the number of people in the group. As long as the user leaves the email or phone in the FB and opens the profile, it will be scraped.

The software can easily retrieve thousands to few of thousands of lists in one day. The special page will actively search for nearly 2,000 posts of real interactive users/ audience. In general, interactive pages (posts, comments, and sharing) can easily retrieve more than one thousand lists. The special page is to scrape the real interactive fans. It is better than instead to scrape the zombie fans.

The software supports batch search and allows you to accumulate a large number of potential customers in a short time.


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