Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Telephone Robot

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Telephone Robot

September 24, 2019 Marketing Tips 0
Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Telephone Robot

Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Telephone robot.

Is your business also facing problems of human resource, competitors, customer target, sales cost getting higher, and data incomplete?

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) phone robot solves all your troubles

Don’t worry about these issues anymore, because Artificial intelligence (A.I.) telephone robot can solve all your problems and even help you improve your performance.

What is Artificial intelligence (A.I.) telephone robot?

Overall, this robot is a diversified and intelligent communication scene of AI as the carrier, that is, the way AI calls and people answer the phone. It further optimizes the communication mode of users, greatly improves communication efficiency, and filters users. Filtered calls are also more popular with users.

Suppose, in the case of a call, the robot can understand what you mean and solve the problem for you immediately. The same robot can solve all the customer’s problems. Will the human resources be greatly saved?

So, is open source and throttling to reach the agreement at the same time?

In customer service, about 58% of customers said they would repeat their questions when they were looking for customer service.

Another 61% of the customers are constantly switching during the service process, that is, the current customer service can’t solve the problem, and then transfer their current call to the second, third or even more customer service until the problem is solved. . In a similar situation, 64% of customers reported that their questions need to be repeated.

We often emphasize efficiency in business, and where does efficiency come from? Human beings are not robots after all. They can’t keep working efficiently for a long time, but robots can, for 24 hours a day, provide you with telephone service for you. Customer base.

Multi-channel intelligent customer service system, marketing services will do more with less

For the company, customer service is not only a simple service staff but also a lot of marketing functions. A good customer service marketing system can bring very rich benefits to the company.

Intelligent customer service system helps companies become data centres

Since last year, whether it is the news media or the capital market, it is highly sought after for the AI ​​field. The emergence of intelligent voice robots/voice robots has ignited a high degree of AI and intelligent customer service systems.

In the market, the main functions of the intelligent cloud customer service system include work orders, intelligent voice robots, call centres and data reports. The functional requirements of different brand products are also different, and those products with large and complete functions can also meet various types. The marketing service needs of the enterprise are gone.

A good customer service system is bound to achieve a benign self-development cycle through communication, service, optimization, management, feedback, and these will also help the customer service department evolve from a cost centre to a data centre, or even a profit centre.

At the same time, it is also possible to liberate the customer service staff from the complicated work, to formulate rules according to actual needs, and return to their own service value.


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